Three Symptoms Of A Need For Drain Cleaning

As winter approaches, many businesses and homeowners are planning for their next major cleanup.  Nevertheless, few consider what is going on in their plumbing system.  The old adage, “Out of side, out of mind,” generally occurs.  However, there are telling signs that your plumbing may need drain cleaning.  Let’s look at 5 common ones.

Palmdale, California Foundational Cracks & Fracturing

If you‘ve lived in Palmdale (or Lancaster) for a while, you’ve probably seen some homes or building that have cracks or fracturing relating to shifting grounds.  Yet, did you know that some foundational cracks are formed by drainage problems?  Pressure can build up when clogs occur, causing pipes to jolt (or even break).  Such issues can result in a need for slab leak repair.

Signs of Water in the Basement

The handwriting on wall concerning water is usually shown by stains.  Whether there are high are low water stains, both can tell a professional much about how, where, and even when water is entering your basement.  For instance, a consistent stain that runs around the wall of your basement conveys that an interior drain system may be required.

Another indicator of a need for a plumber, is grey (or white colored) mineral deposits on the wall.  Some people refer to it as crust.  It occurs during water evaporation and tells of a definite drainage problem.


Although gutters are not a part of your internal plumbing system, they can cause problems that can make your plumbing look as if it is failing.  Clogged or broken gutters often leave streaks of dirt and discolorations on your home or building.  Additionally, if rain water is not properly diverted, it can seep into basements and foundations.

From time to time, everyone has a need for drain cleaning, slab leak repair, leak detection, water heater repair, and water heater installationBrock Plumbing offers consistent, professional service to help you tackle any problem issue you may have.  As a local plumber, we’ll always give you honest advice when you call about a plumbing problem.