Avoid Expensive Slab Leaks

Having a water leak is problematic, but when you know where it is located there are small things you can do to curtain further damage. For instance, instead of letting leaking water ruin the floor, furniture, or cabinets you would most likely place a bucket under the leak until it is fixed. Unfortunately, this is not possible if you have a slab leak. Obviously plumbing buried under inches or even feet of concrete is extremely difficult to reach. Yet, how can you avoid leak damage that you are not aware of?


Slab leaks are usually unnoticeable until they have caused significant damage. However, sometimes there are tell-tell signs that a slab leak is present. If you notice a rise in your water bill that is not congruent with your normal water usage, you may want to investigate if you have a water leak. After you have verified that the leak is not in any noticeable locations in or around your home or business, it is best to have a plumber check for a slab leak. Another sign is reoccurring moisture in your flooring. Upon discovery of the moisture, call a local plumber for help. A wet spot near the foundation outside of a structure could be a sign of a slab leak. It is important to react to these signs as quickly as possible. Over time slab leaks wear at the foundation, which can equate to very expensive repairs that go beyond plumbing.


A professional plumber will locate the exact point of the slab leak repair using leak detection tools. These include sound leak detectors, infrared technology, and other plumbing techniques. After locating the site of the leak, a plumber will usually bore a small hole into the concrete to repair the leak. Once the leak is repaired the hole is filled.

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