During the holiday rush, one of the last things that people think about is their plumbing problems.  Yet, if your plumbing fails it can cause a ton of embarrassment and inconvenience, especially when you have visitors.  Plumbing is pretty resilient.  However, if you perform some really simple maintenance to your plumbing, you can really extend its lifespan.  Here are 4 ways to do so.

1) Stay On Top Of Little Plumbing Problems

Small plumbing leaks will lead to bigger plumbing leaks if they are neglected they can turn into water damage which will require professional water damage cleanup services Consequently, it is always best to resolve small plumbing problems quickly.  Another advantage of attending to small plumbing issues is that they are mostly cheap fixes.  So pay attention to the little things like a rocking toilet, small leaks, water stains on walls, etc.  Also, track your water billing.  Small plumbing issues can elevate your water bill.

2. Know What’s Flushable

Besides the obvious flushable “items”, you should be very careful what is allowed in your toilet.  There are a variety of emergency plumbing horror stories involving toilets stopped up with feminine products, baby diapers, and food.  Even liquids such as oil and grease can create problems for your toilet because they adhere to pipes and cause blockages. Remember that your toilet is not meant to handle such things and it can create some extremely difficult plugs. 

3. Make Use of Sink Strainers

The accumulation of small items like hair, rubber bands, needles, and other small items that are easily washed down drains is one of the main causes of drain blockages.  A simple sink strainer can prevent the vast majority of these things from ever being introduced to your drainage pipes.

5. Drain Your Hot Water Heater Annually

Unless you enjoy paying for water heater replacements, you should drain your water heater at least once per year.  Water heaters have thousands of gallons of water pass through them as the year progresses.  Tiny traces of debris and sentiment slowly build at the bottom of the tank.  Removing this debris extends the lifespan of your unit.

To avoid plumbing problems during the holidays contact us today for a plumbing inspection

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